Small sensory elements for the daily life of newborns, babies and toddlers.

“ Our baby essentials do more than look cute, they have a sense, a purpose. To accompany the healthy development of your baby through carefully designed tactile toys and baby blankets ".

Award winning baby toys

" it's really extraordinary, they're going to be able to calm and soothe themselves. "

Agathe Lecaron // La Maison des Maternelles

Hi Mama 

The sense of my creations goes like this. In our digital age where the majority of children experiences life and get educated through a screen, it has never been more important to refocus on our senses. We try as children do, to move forward with intuition and imagination, and to create products that meet the needs of human beings to reconnect with their sensory system.

Recent research shows that a baby's environment must meet this need for tactile stimulation. It is now known that sensory stimulation and connections between neural pathways, are major factors in improving brain function in babies.

And so, our mission is simple, to create nursery essentials and toys that boost your baby’s brain power and encompass science, sustainability and purpose in all of our products. 

xoxo Pernille Brostrup 

Oh @elvasenses thank you for making toys from 99,5% plastic bottles ! Please say no to toys made from normal polyester as polyester comes from petroleum and is therefore contributing to climate change. Every decision you make counts. We are super lucky to live in 2019 and have options like Elva for our babies !

Arizona Muse Activist & Model


My one year old daughter has been in love with Elva senses’ products since the day she was born! She particularly cannot live without her Lenny long ears and all the blankets. It accompanies here wherever she goes on the car at the nursery when she’s getting her vaccines and of course when she sleeps. I myself extremely love the fact that the materials used to produce these items are made out of discarded plastic bottles and the fact that the little bubbles on the surface of these blankies provide tactile sensory stimulations for our baby’s brain. Pernille the founder and owner is also super sweet and always super helpful and happy to answer any kinds of questions I may have. I’m very happy to have come across this company ❤️

Noorani Sukardi Art advisor


Little environmentalist already Anna with her sensory bubble bunny from @elvasenses Besides being incredible soft it’s made entirely from discarded water bottles which which means that the environmental impact is so much lower. A pink but real green that help fight against global warming 💗💚

Maryna Linchuk Model & Mother @marynalinchuk1